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In the extracts and concentrates section, 420 Herb introduces a new product: a special Charas THC Hash obtained from the precise sieving of hemp flowers.

This THC-rich Charas resin is made from certified hemp flowers. Charas, also known as Indian hashish, is mainly grown in Pakistan, India and Nepal. The Tree THC, in collaboration with its research and development team, has created a Charas THC Hash of European origin that perfectly replicates the flavor, soft and moist texture, and dominant flavor of the so-called Indian hashish.

To obtain the Charas THCconcentrated product requires the manual work behind the production of a Charas patty, which is one of the most popular THC-rich products on the market.

The more environmentally conscious among us will appreciate purchasing a 100% natural, THC-rich, plant-friendly cannabis extract. Unlike other types of resins, such as pollen and hashish (depending on the name), resin comes from living plants.

Charas Hash for sale

Charas is a type of hashish that has been enjoyed and cultivated for thousands of years in Nepal and surrounding regions. THC trichomes are carefully separated from other unwanted plant substances such as hairs or pistils by growers to produce a highly concentrated final product.

Charas Hash, which is often handmade, requires over 20 hours of meticulous hand harvesting even before the curing process. Curing this hash requires weeks of patience, resulting in a smooth, robust flavor profile and a deeper, more potent effect.

Charas Hash has the potency of pure hashish imported before the 1990s. Charas Hash is extremely rich in THC and can contain up to 55%-80% on average, with some sources reporting that it also contains higher than average levels of THC! This is due to the careful and meticulous process that harvests the most resinous trichomes with the least amount of plant matter possible.

Charas Hash from this region is known for its pleasant and hearty aroma and flavor profile, which is derived from regional strains such as Kerala Gold, Malana Cream and other local landrace strains. The deep aroma of Charas Hash is known for its striking earthy base, with notes of dry cedar-like woodiness and soft, creamy undertones.

How to use Charas Hash

In other countries such as the United States and Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg or the Czech Republic, the sale of THC cannabis resins for smoking or vaporization is allowed, so today there are many users who use this form of cannabidiol consumption. to take advantage of the benefits attributed to it without obtaining the psychotropic effects of THC that traditional marijuana provides for recreational use.

In countries where smoking CBD is legal, users say that this way of using CBD has as its main advantage the speed in experiencing sensations, but on the contrary, it is difficult to correctly measure the amount of cannabidiol absorbed and its effect is normally less long-lasting.

It is important to underline that smoking CBD, according to the legal use accepted in some countries (not in Spain), does not cause psychotropic effects, i.e. the feeling of being high that marijuana with THC causes.

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    Prodotto di qualità, gusto e odore molto gradevoli

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    La discrezione della confezione è perfetta, ordine facile

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    Il sito è affidabile, la qualità dell’erba è superba

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    Ho apprezzato la semplicità del processo di ordinazione e la consegna discreta

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    La qualità del prodotto è eccezionale

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    La consegna è stata puntuale, il prodotto è eccellente

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    La consegna è stata rapida e senza problemi

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    Fonte affidabile per cannabis di qualità

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    Confezione molto discreta, impressionato

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